Please make your donation for $10.00 for each member $20 for non-members attending and eating crabs. Remember the price goes up an additional $5 per person on the11th. 

Pricing :

Member eating crabs - $10

non-members eating carbs - $20

Member NOT eating crabs - Free

Non-member NOT eating crabs - $10

Children under 10 are free

Instructions for RSVP online.

1. Enter the name(s) of all those attending you are paying for.

2. Hit Submit.

3. You will be returned to this page to make your donation.


4. Count the people the number of people you are RSVP-ing for. How many MAHA member, how many non-member. 

5. Multiply the members eating crabs by $10, the non-members eating crabs by $20, Non-members NOT eating crabs by $10

6. Add it all up and press the Donate. 

7. Enter your total amount in the amount being donated

8. Your will  either be  asked to view your PayPal account or return to the MAHA home page upon completetion..

9. You will receive an email  confirmation via PayPal  to know you are confirmed.

Instructions for RSVP by mail.

You are also welcome to RSVP by mail.
Send names, membership status and eating crabs or not to:
MAHA crab feast RSVP
15215 Nelson Perrie Road
Brandywine Md 20613
Make checks payable to MAHA

You email Cindy with names, status and eating crabs or not

If your asking why the upcharge of $5, well MAHA pays the bill before the event. This is one of the most expensive events we do all year.